About Us

Start your journey today with addiction free from drug abuse, as well as, solutions to mental health challenges.

Fort Worth is located in the central north of Texas. Where it is the fifth biggest city in Texas. And it is exposed to the drug trade far more than many other areas. This causes devastation to the communities and families and many individuals. Fort Worth is the shelter to many drug and alcohol treatment centers. With multiple facilities available and families should consider the unique needs of their loved ones struggling with addiction to make the right choice.

Recovery is an individual trip and it starts with someone who decides to reach our healing ranch. Each person has a unique chemical, biological, and psychological tool, as well as unique experiences, signs, and traits that all share their addiction and healing. Additionally, each person has their own idea of what they want their health. There are many models and support based evidence that can be used to achieve long-term recovery.
Drug Rehab and Sober Living of Fort Worth, Texas our program provide a structured living environment for individuals ready to begin the next phase of their recovery journey.

Our aim is to help our clients work more effectively from home to lifelong treatment changes. With our unique system of stage and 12-Step model, every resident is exposed to new learning opportunities designed to improve health habits, life skills, and leadership qualities. Here you can find a good companionship.